Pit Bull Hilariously Trying To Hide His Guilty Face After Being Confronted By His Parent!!

659 views 25 December 2016

This hilarious video shows a cute yet shamefaced pit bull unable to hide his guilt after being presented a chewed-up evidence by his parent. If you’re also a dog parent, then you must be pretty familiar with your pup’s natural instinct chewing habits. But, have you ever witnessed a dog trying to hide his guilty look after getting caught red-handed by his parent? Well, you need to watch out this small video clip which is pretty entertaining.

The video shows, two dogs are sitting side by side, a cute pit bull, and an adorable Dachshund. When the cameraman asks them who was the actual culprit that had chewed his insole, the Dachshund sits firmly, although, the pit bull stares sheepishly at the floor. Then, he suspiciously tries to hide behind a plant pot and that reveals him to be the real culprit.

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