Passionate Little Wild Duck Stands Up To A Huge Playful Puppy

537 views 02 January 2017

Sometimes in life an obstacle will come up that might seem insurmountable. Sometimes it seems like when we encounter a wall, it will be impossible to climb it no matter how hard we try.

But just in case you ever feel down and out, you might want to watch this brave little mallard duck. Even though he’s facing down a huge dog that could easily grab him, this duck lets the world know that he might have webbed feet, but he’s got a heart of gold!

This passionate duck stands tall against a huge dog, and while we’re not entirely sure as to why he’s so grumpy at this dog, all that matters is that he stands up for what he believes in!

It turns out that this little guy followed the whole family during their walk that beautiful fall day. He was trying to get some food and even let the humans scratch his head; pretty weird for a wild animal.

While at first the humans tried to keep a healthy distance from the duck, eventually he got angry at the dog and decided he didn’t like him very much. The dog, clearly in control of the situation, decided he wanted to play with the duck.

It should be noted that the humans kept a close eye on the situation, and wanted to make sure that the duck and the big dog stayed safe the whole time. While the duck eventually flew away when the dog barked, he did a great job of standing up for what he believes in and never gave up no matter what the odds were!

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