Giant Fluffy Dogs Freak Out And Run Around When They Realize Grandma Is Hiding In Their House

6235 views 11 December 2016

eople try to act like animals do not feel the same emotions that humans do, but that simply is not true.

While dogs cannot speak to share their opinions and feelings, they do have similars thoughts that humans have.

In this video uploaded to the YouTube channel, Life with Malamutes, the two Alaskan Malamutes in the video can be seen freaking out once they’re in their living room.

When they mom turns on the light, they start to jump on the couch and look around the room. They know someone has been in the house!

The two dogs are excited because they realize that someone is their grandma! But they cannot see her, so they start to get anxious and jump around while they search for her.

The humongous fluffy dogs then start the search to figure out the important question – where is their grandma? She’s in the house, but where?

The sweet dogs are able to find her fairly quickly after some sleuth work and they jump right on her bed and start to give her all the love and attention every grandma deserves! It is incredibly sweet!

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