A boy jumps into a pile of leaves. The dog's reaction is amazing!

275 views 30 December 2016
Have you ever seen a creature and immediately said, “what the hell?”

You most likely answered yes, given how many creatures there are on this planet. Well, us humans aren’t the only ones to feel this way!

Two gibbons were absolutely baffled by a small little creature crawling by their enclosure. It wasn’t a predator or an enemy, it was just a hedgehog!

The footage of the hilariously confused gibbons is gaining popularity online and was captured at their home, at the Lake District Wildlife Park in Keswick, in Cumbria.

They seem terrified of the hedgehog! It’s hard to tell if they are confused and that makes them scared, or their terror is making them confused, but their reactions are adorable.

Even though there is a wire barrier between them and the invading hedgehog, they have huge reactions and Tom Elliot, the person who filmed the situation, shared the video online.

If you thought this gibbon’s reaction was great, you will also love this video of a dog freaking out when seeing snow for the very first time!

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