See this girl’s amazing reaction as her stuffed animal transforms into a real-life puppy

10340 views 16 December 2016

Kids love their stuffed animals. And perhaps more than anything, they dream that one day those stuffed animals might come to life as real pets. (Heck, there was a whole book about this: "The Velveteen Rabbit")

Well, in the case of one little girl, that's exactly what happened!

Her parents knew that her adorable stuffie called Luna was a favorite plaything, and they wanted to step up her happiness ... so they bought her a puppy that looks exactly like her toy!

Even better, they caught her reaction on video. On seeing the puppy the girl bursts into tears, saying, "He's so cute!"

Credit to the pup, who is totally chill in the face of her overwhelming emotion.

Meanwhile, Mom is talking about how long it took to organize this particular gift. "Do you know how long we've been planning this for you?" she asks. "Many, many weeks. It's been the biggest secret in the whole world."

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