Man jumps off pier to save a drowning dog! He is a true hero!

1265 views 21 December 2016
On a very windy day, Sue Drummond and her Maltese Shih Tzu mix Bibi set off for a walk by the water in Melbourne, Australia; she had no idea that it could be Bibi's last.

With furious winds estimated at 60 mph, when Bibi the tiny Maltese Shih Tzu cross was blown off a pier in gale-force winds, his despairing owner feared the worst.

Drummond watched as Bibi helplessly tried to doggy paddle back to the pier. Then out of nowhere, a bystander named Raden Soemawinata stripped down to his underwear and shirt when he saw the dog struggling and plunged in after him, putting his own life at risk to save little Bibi.
 ...salvation came in a most unlikely form, from a 20 year old man who was on Brighton pier to scatter his grandmother's ashes into the bay.

A grateful Ms. Drummond embraced Mr. Soemawinata with relief after he pushed Bibi into her arms.

Bibi, seemingly unaware of the drama that just unfolded is now back home, warm and fed in the arms of his owner.

Raden was awarded the Compassionate Citizen Award by Animals Australia for his selflessness and bravery!

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