Sweet girl surrendered for being 'too big' tucks herself into bed at the shelter

1093 views 07 December 2016

Sweet girl surrendered for being ‘too big’ tucks herself into bed at the shelter

Lupine was given up by her owners for being “too big,” but she didn’t lose her playful spirit. Despite being such a happy, easygoing dog, she went months in the shelter without getting adopted.

It’s suspected she wasn’t adopted because of certain stereotypes associated with dogs like her with big, blocky heads. Being the sweet girl she is, the shelter came up with an amazing idea: to have Lupine act as an “ambassador” and go around to schools and events to show that dogs of her type can be just as loving as any other breed.

The best part? Lupine will get to live with the shelter’s education director and have constant enrichment from people and other dogs to help her be successful!

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